ZeroTruthZerotruth is an additional packet, entirely developed by Italian programmers, that improves the Zeroshell management of the captive portals.
The captive portal is a special page that receives the user, asking him to specifiy, for example, an username and a password, during the connection to a WI-fi net. If you are the manager of an hotel, or a bar or, generally, of an activity that involves people, you often need to create a safe Wi-fi hotspot: captive portal is the defender.

In order to access the Wi-fi net, the users have to validate themselves, and they have to agree the terms and conditions of wireless service.
The great benefit, with Zerotruth, is the possibility of manage the authentication procedure of the user in a place and have a track of the login and of the work sessions.
In other words, the software is able to register the accesses to Wi-fi net, writing the start and the end date of the connections, number of traffic data, etc.

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We have prepared 4 scenarios with related guides to implement the system:

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

Scenario 3

Scenario 4