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Firewall Appliance UTM5
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Power Cluster
Firewall Appliance Power UTM
Nano Cluster APU 2gb o 4gb
Firewall entry Level 3 NIC APU
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Entry Level 1 NIC Wireless

FIREWALLHARDWARE.IT provides many hardware platforms to realize advanced firewalls. Our products range goes from the simple stateful inspection to the advanced UTM - Firewall layer 7.
Our hardware solutions are suitable for both SOHO environment and the medium company.
For our devices we have chosen the pfSense® firewall distribution based on FreeBSD, because it ensures the highest level of security and the best performances of the UNIX systems. certifies not only pfSense® for its systems but also a lot of distributions FreeBSD based and Linux based. Below the main list:

Look at all hardware systems in the dedicated e-commerce. Choosing a product doesn’t mean to go only for a very high security level, but also for:

  • An high connectivity level, thanks to the VPN connection systems
  • The typical scalability and flexibility of the open source platforms
  • An access control by Content Filtering
  • An access control by Content Filtering

Here you can find all the features of pfSense®. Differently from the commercial versions, the pfSense® (or other distributions) doesn’t need any commercial license. For this reason the number of clients is limited only by the hardware version. This limit is indicated in the datasheet of each product. allows you to buy an hardware solution in the dedicate e-commerce and customize your hardware appliance during the shopping. In the same way you can buy the support for your first installation or the support for plug-in installation or configuration.


A firewall is a device or set of devices designed to permit or deny network transmissions based upon a set of rules and is frequently used to protect networks from unauthorized access while permitting legitimate communications to pass.

Many personal computer operating systems include software-based firewalls to protect against threats from the public Internet. Many routers that pass data between networks contain firewall components and, conversely, many firewalls can perform basic routing functions.

Le novità di

Hardware configurator
The official guides by - pfSense IPCop voip - e-shop
I nostri servizi: scegli la soluzione più adatta alle tue esigenze
Acquista il supporto
Acquista il supporto

Buy the support for the first installation of pfSense® or for advanced implementation.

Personalizza l'hardware
Personalizza l'hardware allows you to rebrand the chassis that you are buying.

Progetto personalizzato
Progetto personalizzato is a system integrator that produces hardware systems based on specific requests.

Sistemi operativi

OPNSense® is a BSD Open Source distribution,

developed in Holland and FreeBSD based. It was born on 2014 as a fork of pfSense®, another famous Open Source distribution. The first release is dated January 2015, and it was the right mix between pfSense® and m0n0wall. On this software, you can find a customized GUI, that allows an easy navigation.


pfSense® is a free, open source customized

distribution of FreeBSD tailored for use as a firewall and router. In addition to being a powerful, flexible firewalling and routing platform, it includes a long list of related features and a package system allowing further expandability without adding bloat and potential security vulnerabilities to the base distribution.


m0n0wall is a free software project which aims to create

a complete embedded firewall. When used together with a hardware firewall, provides important functions typical of commercial firewall products such as an extreme ease of use. This distro-firewall is fully configurable via the web thanks to special php script allows you to manage many features.


Zeroshell is a Linux distribution for servers and

embedded devices aimed at providing the main network services a LAN requires. It is available in the form of Live CD or Compact Flash image and you can configure and administer it using your web browser. Click to view the page which lists the main features of this Linux distribution useful to build Net Appliance.


ZeroTruth is an additional packet, entirely

developed by Italian programmers, that improves the Zeroshell management of the captive portals.The captive portal is a special page that receives the user, asking him to specifiy, for example, an username and a password, during the connection to a WI-fi net. if you are the manager of an hotel, or a bar or, generally, of an activity that involves people, you often need to create a safe Wi-fi hotspot: captive portal is the defender.


Ipfire is a server distribution with intended to use as a

firewall. It focuses on flexibility, and scales from small to middle sized business networks and home networks. Along with this hardened, minimalist come lots of addons that can be installed with a simple click. That's what makes IPFire different from other firewall distributions: it is easy to configure for any task, and easy to administer once it's set up.


IPCop is a GNU / Linux open source distribution

to achieve a suitable firewall hardware / software. Provides an efficient network security by preventing unauthorized intrusion. It is an excellent solution for networks, corporate and SOHO (Small Office-Home Office) or more advanced solutions and industrial (including public administration).


FreeNAS is an open source operating system

based on FreeBSD that allows you to build a device connected to a network of computers whose primary function is to share between users of a network area storage (or disk), that is a NAS. FreeNAS allows you to configure everything via WebGUI.


Elastix is open source unified communications server software.

The Elastix functionality is based on open source projects including Asterisk, HylaFAX, Openfire and Postfix. Those packages offer the PBX, fax, instant messaging and email functions, respectively.