Configure pfSense® CE with GSM/UMTS modules


Basic Configuration: 1 WAN -> GSM/UMTS Module
O.S. Tested: pfSense® CE 2.1.2
Appliances tested:

  • Firewall ALIX Entry Level 2 nic + modem 3G HSPA Modules
  • Appliance Small UTM + Wireless + GSM
  • Firewall APU Entry Level 3 NIC + Wireless + GSM
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SIM Installation and GSM/UMTS Configuration

Before inserting the SIM card into the area DISABLE PIN code of the SIM.
Make sure you have inserted the SIM card in the GSM module as shown in figure 1. Carefully check the direction of insertion of the SIM!


Interfaces menu, select (assign) then PPPs (Fig. 2). Click on the + to add un’inferfaccia.


Set: Link Type: PPP
Set /dev/cua0.0 at Link Interface(s)


Set the options according to the configurations of your SIM card (you may need to wait a few seconds for the drop-down menu to fill out).
Back to the menu, select the WAN interface and set the parameters:

  • IPv4: ppp
  • IPV6: none


Apply the configuration.


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