The evolution of the firewall for security and navigation control

Main features

A high performance firewall/UTM

Hardware low noise con kit silent

1U Rackmount

Atom Quad Core

Average consumption: 10/12 Watt

Front connectivity for convenient access to connectors

Also available in the Wireless version

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Product name Power Consumption
UTM5 aluminum appliance
Basic product codes: a5utma1j_15, a5utma1jw_15 (version with Wifi)
Power supply (average): 10/12 Watt
Main board USB
Industrial IPC Board n.4 USB Ports
Chassis LVDS
1U rack mount Chassis – Rack mounting brackets are included 24-bits Dual Channel LVDS/Inverter (CHRONTEL CH7511B)
CPU Front Panel
INTEL ® Celeron N2930 SoC, 1.83GHz – 2.16GHz Burst, Quad-Core, 7.5W TDP/4.5W SDP . Power On/Off
. System Activity led
. LAN Activity
. HDD led
Chipset Remote Management
INTEL® Celeron N2930 SoC( system on chip) none
Memory Special Features
2 x 204-pin SODIMM DDR3L-1333 Single Channel up to 8 GB (1.35V required) Intel® HD Graphics
Storage Temperatures
. 2 x SATA2 3Gb/s Connectors
. 1 x Full-size mSATA slot
Operating within 0~60 centigrade (Suggest to use system FAN)
Expansion slot Size
n.1 PCI-e 1X (Optional) 482,6mm x 285mm x 43,7mm (W x D x H) (1U rackmount)
Available colors: aluminum
Optical Support Certification
None CE (European Conformity) – RoHS
Download Test Report
Internal PSU,180W,SINGLE, active PFC

List of compatibility of firewall hardware products

Software Compatibility
pfSense fully compatible
OPNsense fully compatible
Zeroshell fully compatible
CentOS fully compatible
IPCop fully compatible
3CX fully compatible
Debian fully compatible
Ubuntu fully compatible
Elastix fully compatible
Fedora fully compatible
Endian fully compatible
Untangle fully compatible
Windows fully compatible
Astaro UTM 9.1 and newer


To make it easier for you to choose the system that best suits your needs, we have created an interactive configurator.

To evaluate all the possible options that characterize the choice of a firewall / router system, we have created a guide to the sizing of the equipment that you can find here:

To see the list of all the products that can be purchased, access our e-commerce:

For the public administration: we are present on the MEPA portal, for info send an email to or call the number 011 19827159.

Device performance analysis

Band Band Jitter
NO VPN Bridge 829,95 Mbps 808,50 Mbps 0,024 ms
Nat 606,32 Mbps 616,00 Mbps 0,035 ms
Open VPN AES128 88,22 Mbps 103,51 Mbps 0,026 ms
AES256 76,34 Mbps 88,28 Mbps 0,042 ms
Blowfish 106,81 Mbps 126,28 Mbps 0,040 ms
 IPSEC AES128 81,64 Mbps 88,44 Mbps 0,079 ms
AES256 75,46 Mbps 80,85 Mbps 0,064 ms
Blowfish 128 76,67 Mbps 78,43 Mbps 0,074 ms
3DES 41,58 Mbps 44,00 Mbps 0,023 ms

Jitter: In networks, and in particular in IP networks such as the Internet, jitter refers to the statistical variation in the reception delay of the transmitted packets, caused by the internal queues of congested routers.
Deepen the concept of jitter